Florida! Part two. πŸŒŽ

Carrying on from part one! Day 5! Animal Kingdom day, I think this was the hottest day 34Β°c so I was melting, I felt like Olaf. All of the pictures of this day I look like a very dishevelled hot mess but we made up for it as Dr Robotnik and I were rocking our Lion King T-shirts. We headed straight for our first fast pass which was the Safari! My goodness it was incredible.

Can you see the Gorilla?!

After the Safari we did the nature walk which is where we found this Gorilla just chilling by the waterfall.

We were lucky enough to get a fast pass for Avatar Flight Of Passage, they are like gold dust but due to my very much out of character organisation prior to the holiday we got some so we made our way to Pandora. Whoa, it was insaaaane! Pictures can not do this place any justice! I was walking around in awe, opened mouthed and amazed!

I can definitely see what all the hype over Flight Of Passage is about! It’s a 3D flying simulator of amazingness, even the details were spot on! You’re sat on a ‘Banshee’ and can feel it breathing, the different smells and air they use whilst ‘flying’ makes it feel like you are actually there flying on a Banshee, not that I would know what that feels like! Brilliant. Just brilliant! Although I have a confession… I’ve never seen Avatar! πŸ™ˆ

Our third fast pass was for Expedition Everest which was sooo good and unexpectedly scared me a little and I’m usually hard as nails! πŸ˜„

Day 6! We went to iHop for breakfast, I failed to tell Dr Robotnik that it stands for ‘International House Of Pancakes’ as he’s not a lover of pancakes! He did manage to find lots on the menu still and had his favourite breakfast of the trip so I’m not the worst girlfriend ever.. πŸ˜‡

We spent the day back at Universal and Islands Of Adventure! We explored Harry Potter again and went to the Simpsons part and of course had to try a Duff beer, Dr Robotbik wasn’t a fan and although I didn’t mind it I actually ended up wearing most of mine as Dr Robotnik knocked it over me, thanks love. 🍻

On the way out of Universal there is a Donut shop called ‘Voodoo Doughnut’ and oh my goodness they are a taste sensation! So many to choose from and really well priced, we were expecting them to be stupidly expensive but they were cheap! The evening we chilled a little, ate in the hotel and stuffed our faces with Donuts – Mine was called ‘The Old Dirty Bastard’… Also known as Oreo and peanut butter! πŸ€·β€β™€οΈπŸ˜πŸ©

I’m going to leave this post here as the next two days are jam packed with Magic Kindom funzies and I would like to put those two days together as there’s LOTS to write about! Thank you for reading! -Misha x

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